Quantum Materials and Collective Phenomena

We develop and use scattering methods to determine structural and magnetic order and excitations in novel quantum-, nano- and functional materials in order to achieve an understanding of macroscopic properties and functionalities. Challenging scientific problems are the drivers of our work developing new instruments, right through to designing novel high brilliance neutron sources.

Head: Prof. Dr. Thomas Brückel

Focus of our work

GISAXS on highly ordered monolayers


JCNS 2 is strongly focused on cutting-edge research on various quantum materials, including single-phase nanoparticles and hetero-structures of quantum materials using scattering methods.

PPMS Dynacool with dilution refrigerator at JCNS 2


JCNS 2 is actively involved in operating and building various neutron instruments at large-scale facilities such as ESS and MLZ - Garching. We are also equipped with excellent in-house facilities to produce and characterize single-crystal and thin-film samples.

HBS, Schematic diagram


High brilliance accelerator-based neutron source project, HBS, aims to develop and establish a unique infrastructure for neutron analysis (imaging methods and scattering) to be used in a multitude of scientific disciplines.

Lab tours during IFF spring schools

Education and Outreach

We carry out academic teaching at Universities and training for the next generation of neutron scientists via the IFF Spring School and the JCNS laboratory courses.

News and Events

Künstlerische Darstellung magnonischer Wellen an den Kanten eines 2D-van-der-Waals-Materials (grün hervorgehoben).

Breakthrough in Magnonics? Discovery of a New Property in Quantum Materials

Scientists from Jülich, together with colleagues from Germany, France and China, have discovered a new property in quantum materials offering great potential for novel technical applications. It took the 17-member team a considerable amount of dedicated effort to synthesize and characterize so-called two-dimensional materials.


24th JCNS Laboratory Course -
Neutron Scattering 2022

If you are a student in the field of physics, chemistry, material science or biosciences with a BSc (or an equivalent qualification), you are welcome to apply for a place on this year's JCNS Laboratory Course - Neutron Scattering, organized by Forschungszentrum Jülich.



High Brilliance Neutron Source

A conceptually novel accelerator-based neutron source.


Quantum Materials

Investigation of the static and dynamic properties of complex quantum materials.

Neutron scattering facility at FRMII, Garching

Neutron Methods

Development of methods and operation of instruments for neutron scattering.