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Exchange spring magnetic multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy

Exchange spring magnetic multilayers

Nowadays high density storage in the hard disk drive (HDD) is realised using magnetic nanostructures which have perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) and often termed as perpendicular recording media (PRM). L10-FePt films are very promising candidate for the PRM because of its large PMA.

The problem with L10-FePt films is the hard ferromagnetic behaviour which limits the writing process in the PRM due to the high switching field. In order to create a possible balance between the switching field and the PMA, we have optimized the epitaxial growth of Fe/L10-FePt multilayers (MLs) with sharp and smooth interfaces at MBE in Garching.

These MLs may be considred an alternate storage material for HDD based on PRM. Furthermore, magnetic MLs have an additional interaction known as interlayer coupling which may be manipulated by controlling the interface roughness for the optimum performance of Fe/L10-FePt MLs as a storage material. The figure shows out-of-plane hysteresis loops obtained for single layer (SL) of L10-FePt and Fe/L10-FePt MLs.

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