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Assembly of highly-ordered nanoparticles monolayers on a solid substrate

Assembly of nanoparticles into highly ordered monolayers on a solid substrate is of great interest. It impacts future applications that require monolayers with highly ordered structures over large areas formed with a simple, fast, and cheap method to meet the growing industrial needs. Large area, highly ordered monolayers of stearyl alcohol grafted silica nanospheres on a silicon substrate is obtained using an improved variant of the drop-casting method.

The combination of electron microscopy and scattering techniques allows a new understanding of the monolayers' structural features. The arranged particles' structure is resolved by Grazing-Incidence Small-Angle X-ray scattering (GISAXS) and X-Ray Reflectivity (XRR), which were carried out at the diffractometer Gallium Anode Low-Angle X-ray instrument (GALAXI). We aim to extend our developed method to prepare double layers of nanoparticles by combining homogeneous interlayers. Also, our developed method will be employed to achieve monolayers of long-range ordered magnetic nanoparticles.

Highly ordered monolayerGrazing incidence small-angle x-ray scattering and electron microscopy of highly ordered monolayers.
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  1.  A. Qdemat, E. Kentzinger, J. Buitenhuis, U. Rücker, M. Ganeva, and T. Brückel,

    Self assembled monolayer of silica nanoparticles with improved order by drop casting, RSC Advances 10, 18339 (2020)


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