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JCNS Workshop 2018

Trends and Perspectives in Neutron Instrumentation:
Advanced simulation and open source software in neutron scattering

29 October - 1 November 2018, Tutzing, Germany


Thursday, 31. October 2018, 15:00h
Excursion to the „Schloßmuseum Murnau“

A bus will take us from the Conference Centre “Evangelische Akademie Tutzing” to Murnau to the
Schloßmuseum, where we will get a guided tour.

Schloßmuseum Murnau
Schloßhof 2-5
82418 Murnau

Thursday, 31. Oktober 2018, 18:00h
Conference Dinner

After the guided museum tour you have a short walk to the Restaurant “Griesbräu zu Murnau” to our Conference Dinner at 18:00h.

Griesbräu zu Murnau
Obermarkt 37
82418 Murnau

The bus will pick up us approximately 21:00h to take us back to “Evangelische Akademie Tutzing”.



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