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Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine
Ethics in the Neurosciences (INM-8)

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The Institute Ethics in Neurosciences (INM-8) deals with ethical questions raised by modern neuroscientific research. This includes, for example, questions about how the principle of informed consent can be implemented in dementia research and how neuro-enhancement should be ethically assessed. Diagnostic and predictive methods that use artificial intelligence methods are another topic. In addition, the INM-8 examines whether basic ethical and philosophical terms such as person or responsibility need to be revised in the light of the latest neuroscientific findings.

With its research approach, INM-8 contributes to a comprehensive understanding of biological and cognitive information processing and its responsible clinical and technological application in close interdisciplinary cooperation with the other departments of the Institute for Neurosciences and Medicine (INM).

The INM-8 is divided into the working groups Person and Neuroethics and Representation and Modelling.

Current research work of the INM-8 can be searched in the publication databases of the central library. Under Publications you will find a compilation of the scientific publications of the last few years. Journal articles, articles in books and books are listed here. 

INM-8 coordinates the BMBF joint project FRAIM - Beyond Performance: Exploring the framework for artificial intelligence in brain medicine. Previously, it coordinated the BMBF joint project "Person and Dementia" and was involved in the 1000 brain study.

The close cooperation partners of INM-8 include the Institute for Science and Ethics (IWE) at the University of Bonn and the German Reference Center for Ethics in the Biosciences (DRZE).

INM-8 employees are involved in academic teaching at the Universities of Bonn and Aachen. In addition, the INM-8 regularly conducts courses on the subject of Good Scientific Practice as part of the JuDocS program at Forschungszentrum Jülich.