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Research Consortium Person and Dementia

The proposed consortium is designed as an interdisciplinary research network, devoted to a comprehensive assessment of the human person in dementia. It shall provide a deepened understanding of dementia and thus enable an improved individual as well as societal reaction to its challenges. Organized around the topics personhood and personal identity, patients and autonomy, research participants’ informed consent and perception and recognition of persons suffering from dementia, it will deliver a structural matrix of dementia and its individual and societal dimensions as well as specific insights into the relation between personhood and dementia.

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Dieter Sturma (Bonn/Jüllich)

Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research


  • Project No. 1: Person, Personhood and Personal Identity
    Prof. Dr. Dieter Sturma, (PI), Institute of Science and Ethics (IWE), Bonn

  • Project No. 2: Patients and Autonomy
    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maier (PI), Clinic and Polyclinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of Bonn University Clinic

  • Project No. 3: Informed Consent in Dementia Research
    Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Bauer, (PI), Neurological Clinic, University Clinic Düsseldorf

  • Project No. 4: Perception and Recognition of Persons Suffering from Dementia
    Dipl.-Psych. Cornelia Karger und PD Dr. Jan-Hendrik Heinrichs (PIs), Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Institute for Neuroscience and Medicine: Ethics in the Neurosciences (INM-8)