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Incoming inspection

All materials required in the manufacturing area of the INM-5 for the production and/or quality control of radioactive pharmaceuticals are subject to a strictly controlled procurement process. This first of all includes a check to ensure that the information on the delivery note is in accordance with that of the labels on the supplier's containers. The containers are then checked for abnormalities, damage and the integrity of the closures. If safety data sheets, analysis certificates (CoA) or other certificates are available, they are also checked for completeness and correctness. Each material is then given a unique material number, which is continuously determined during the development of manufacturing and testing specifications.


In order to unambiguously assign a material or product to specific batches or production processes in its lifecycle in the warehouse and production area as well as after shipping, an internal batch number consisting of the abbreviation of the article, the analysis date (year, month, day) and the numbering of the individual bottles is assigned to each article, after delivery. The containers are then labelled by applying labels manually. Only after all tests have been carried out and all necessary certificates are available, the material is released by one of the qualified persons for use in radiopharmaceutical production.