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Discovery of [18F]JK-PSMA-7, a novel PET-probe for the detection of small PSMA positive lesions

The prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) expressed by the vast majority of prostate tumors is a promising target for PET imaging.

The newly developed compound [18F]-JK-PSMA-7 is a promising candidate for the high-quality visualization of small PSMA-positive lesions. Excellent preclinical imaging properties justify further preclinical and clinical studies with this tracer.

B. D. Zlatopolskiy, H. Endepols, P. Krapf, M. Guliyev, E. A. Urusova, R. Richarz, M. Hohberg, M. Dietlein, A. Drzezga, B. Neumaier, J. Nucl. Med. 2019, 60, 817-823