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List of Supervised Doctoral Theses

2020Tamar Khechiashvili Dr. phil.

Development and Applications of Novel Diffusion MRI Contrast in Neurological Research  

2020Ravichandran RajkumarDr. rer. medic. Simultaneous Trimodal MR/PET/EEG Imaging: A study of the attenuation effect of EEG caps on PET images and a comparison of EEG microstates with resting state fMRI and FDG-PET measures
2020Aliaksandra ShymanskayaDr. rer. nat. Development and implementation of novel experimental methods for the quantification of the healthy and diseased brain by means of sodium magnetic resonance imaging
2020Hancong Xu Dr.-Ing. Detector Modeling and its Applications in PET Simulation and Image Reconstruction
2020Markus ZimmermannDr.-Ing. Development of Methods for the Acquisition, Reconstruction, and Parameter Estimation of Multi-Exponential Data with Application to Quantitative MRI
2020Mirjam LenzDr. rer. natDesign and Characterisation of an MRI Compatible Human Brain PET Insert by Means of Simulation and Experimental Studies
2019Yong Hyun HaDr. Ing.Development of Novel RF Coils for Sodium Imaging at Ultra-High Field MRI
2019Sabrina PlappDr. med.Chronotype Specific Brain Activation and Connectivity Associated with Visual Attention to Motion
2019Nuno Andre da SilvaDr. Ing.Methods for Molecular Imaging with MR-PET
2019Melissa SchallDr. rer. nat.Development and Application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Methods for the Investigation of Traumatic Brain Injury
2019Richard BuschbeckDr. rer. nat.Development of a Novel Spherical
2019Michael SchwerterDr. rer. nat.Advanced Software and Hardware Control Methods for Improved Static and Dynamic B0 Shimming in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2019Yupeng LiaoDr. rer. nat.Development and Applications of Electrical Conductivity Mapping Using MRI
2018Tao ChenDr. Ing.Model-driven development methodology applied to real-time MEG signal pre-processing system design
2018Alessandra Bierwagenrer. medic.Measurement of Lipid and Energy Metabolism Using MRI and Spectroscopy
2017Philipp Lohmannrer. medic.Multimodal Imaging of Bone Regeneration after Implantation of Biomimetic, Protein-Based Scaffolds in Rats
2017Paul Begovatzrer. medic.Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and the Effects of Free Fatty Acids on Ectopic Fat Accumulation and Insulin Resistance in Type 2 Diabetes
2016Klaus Möllenhoffna (Belgium/NL PhD)Novel Methods for the Detection of Functional Brain Activity Using 17O MRI
2016Zaheer Abbasrer. medic.Application of Quantitative Imaging for the Investigation of Water Content in the Brain
2016Carina Stegmayrrer. nat.Effect on Pharmacological Interventions on Reproducibility of  O-(2-[18F]fluoroethyl)-L-tyrosine (FET) Uptake Kinetics in Rat Glioma Models
2015Jorge Arrubla EEG and fMRI for the Investigation of Loudness Dependence of Auditory Evoked Potentials (LDAEP)
2015Marreo BastianiMulti-Scale Brain Connectivity with Diffusion MRI
2015Rüdiger Stirnbergrer. nat.Functional and Diffusion Magnetic Imaging at Ultra-high Magnetic Field Strengths
2015Lukas Breuerrer. nat.Identification of Neuroimaging Response for Real-Time Analysis in Magnetoencephalography
2015Daniel Brennerrer. nat.Radio Frequency Calibration Methods and Sequence Optimisation with Application to Ultra-High Field MR-PET Neuroimaging
2015Johannes Lindemeyerrer. nat.Optimisation of Phase Data Processing for Susceptibility Reconstruction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2014Christoph WeirichDr.Ing.Quantitative PET Imaging with Hybrid MR-PET Scanners
2014Daniel Fiegerer. nat.Development and Application of Multiple-Quantum Coherence Techniques for in vivo Sodium MRI at High and Ultra-High Field Strengths
2013Fabian Keilrer. nat.Investigation of Spatial Correlation in MR Images of Human Cerebral White Matter Using Geostatistical Methods
2013Ezequiel Farrherrer. nat.Advanced Diffusion MRI of Brain Tissue and Applications in Neurological Research
2012Miriam Kubachrer.nat.Quantification of the Longitudinal Relaxation Time for In Vivo MRI – Influence of Magnetisation Transfer
2012Marcus Ullischrer. nat.A Navigator-Based Rigid Body Motion Correction for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2012Jeyakamalini PrasathAnalysis of O-(2-[18F]fluoroethyl)-L-tyrosine uptake in reactive astrocytosis adjacent to cerebral gliomas after radiotherapy
2008Syed Irtiza Gilanirer. nat.Development of Rapid Methods for Relaxation Time Mapping and Motion Estimation Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2008Veronika Ermerrer. medic.Development and Application of Techniques for Quantitative Voxel-Based Morphometry
2007Joachim Kaffankerer. nat.Development and Application of SPRITE for the T2* Mapping of Fast-Relaxing Nuclei
2002Maxim Zaitsevrer. nat.Development of Methods for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Relaxation Time Mapping
2002Sven Steinhoffrer. nat.Methods for Morphological and Functional Measurements of 1H and 17O Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
2001Daniel GembrisRekonstruktion neuronaler Konnektivitaet mittels kernmagnetischer Resonanz
2001Simone Baer-LangNMR mit hyperpolaisiertem Xenon in hohen und niedrigen Magnetfeldern