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Body Coil Channel Selector

Body Coil Channel Selector (BCCS)
This channel selector has been designed for the 9.4T animal scanner based on Siemens electronics and software, and a Agilent (Varian) magnet. It allows the application of a body coil in the animal system similar to the operation of body coils in clinical MRI systems.

Quadrature Transmit/Receive Switch

Quadrature Transmit/Receive Switch
Designed for the 9.4T MR-PET scanner, the purpose of this universal switch is to simplify the design of new coils by providing a simple interface with the MRI system.

Visual Stimulation Device

Visual Stimulation Device
This monitor can be operated inside the magnet room of a high field MRI system. The advantage of using a monitor instead of other means of projection is the face full color reproduction of a monitor allowing to standardise functional MRI stimuli.

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Jörg Felder, PhD

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