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Recent technical developments in new PET (positron emission tomography) modules prepared the neuroscience community for an integrated multitechnique MR-PET imaging unit. Two combined MR-PET systems exist at the INM4: a 3T Tim Trio and 9.4 Tesla MR-scanner with PET inserts. The simultaneous acquisition of MR and PET data offers a range of advantages over serial acquisition of MR and PET images. First, it helps to improve diagnostic accuracy by providing excellent spatial correlation between MR and PET data. Second, it lays the ground for improved tissue characterization by enabling real-time functional and physiologic imaging. Third, it greatly reduces examination time, improving patient comfort and compliance. Lastly, simultaneous MR-PET imaging allows for a higher throughput and economic use of machine time.

For a detailled description of ongoing MR and PET studies, please refer to the MR-PET and PET Physics webpages. Simultaneous functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and PET studies will be described here shortly.



Neuner I, Kaffanke JB, Werner C, Reske M, Langen KJ, Herzog H, Shah NJ. Simultaneous resting state fMRI and FET-PET. Proc Int Soc Mag Res Med 2010

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