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The list of upcoming events will be regularly updated--please check back to this page for updates! To join a Labs! event, online registration is mandatory. Subject to availability, you will then receive confirmation of your place on the event.

Past events

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25 Mar 2020 Labs! Visit on Electrochemical Detection of Individual Silver Nanoparticles
25 Mar 2020 Labs! Seminar on Active Matter and Swarm Intelligence
25 Mar 2020 Labs! Visit on Bidirectional Communication with Electrogenic Cells
25 Mar 2020 Labs! Visit on Characterization by X-Ray Methods
25 Mar 2020 Labs! Visit on Liquid-State NMR Methods for Protein Structure Elucidation
25 Mar 2020 Labs! Workshop on Computing Fluids: Mesoscale Hydrodynamic Simulations
25 Mar 2020 Labs! Visit on GALAXI - High Brilliance High Resolution Laboratory (GI)SAXS Diffractometer
25 Mar 2020 Labs! Visit on Dielectric Spectroscopy
25 Mar 2020 Labs! Visit on Dynamic Light Scattering
25 Mar 2020 Labs! Visit on Small Angle X-Ray Scattering

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All interested colleagues are invited to take part in Labs! events and in many other IHRS BioSoft offers, although fellows will be given priority. For most courses, lectures, and seminars, you can also obtain a participation certificate.