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Methodolgy spectrum

The scientific competences of the  IEK-9  are electrochemical, spectroscopic and microscopic technologies for the study of batteries and fuel cells.

Both high and low temperature electrochemical technologies can be applied.

A special competence of the IEK-9 is the development and application of, in-operando’ and ,in-situ’ methods of spectroscopy, microscopy and imaging for the characterization of electrochemical components.

Methoden gesamt

The focus of the physico-chemical analysis of materials, components and functional interfaces is on the defect chemistry to develop a fundamental understanding of (defect) structure/ function relation in electrochemical components.

Based on the available competence and methods especially mechanisms leading to degradation of performance of components are investigated.  Gained insights are applied to obtain reliable life time predictions and on the other hand to develop improved materials and components.