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Materials Synthesis and Cell Manufacturing

For the tailored synthesis of functional materials, and the manufacturing of components for electrochemical (half-)cells, various techniques are available: More: Materials Synthesis and Cell Manufacturing …



For the investigation of electrochemical processes of batteries, electrolyzer and fuel cells focusses on the following disciplines: More: Electrochemistry …


Microscopy and Tomography

For the investigation of microstructure – property relationships in electrochemical cells, novel ‘in-situ’ microscopy methods are developed and applied: More: Microscopy and Tomography …

Raman Spektrometer

Spectroscopy and Imaging

For the investigation of dynamic processes in electrochemical cells, novel ‘in-operando’ spectroscopy methods are developed and applied: More: Spectroscopy and Imaging …



IEK-9 operates a number of unique and dedicated characterization facilities to monitor fundamental electrochemical reactions in real time. More: Infrastructures …

Methoden gesamt

Methodolgy spectrum

The scientific competences of the  IEK-9  are electrochemical, spectroscopic and microscopic technologies for the study of batteries and fuel cells. More: Methodolgy spectrum …

Sommerschule Athen 2015

Summer School

Organization of Summer School More: Summer School …