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Second Roadmap for KOPERNIKUS Project "Power-to-X" published

The Kopernikus Flagship project Power-to-X explores how renewable electricity can be flexibly used and stored.

The Power-to-X roadmap accompanies the scientific process, evaluates the research results and places them in the context of the transition of the energy system (‘Energiewende’). The second roadmap has now been published. The roadmap shows when it makes sense to use Power-to-X technologies and how well available the necessary resources are: renewable electricity, water and CO2. Renewably generated electricity can then be used to produce raw materials for the chemical industry, plastics and synthetic fuels. The sustainability of the technologies is assessed using ecological, economic and social acceptance criteria.
The aim of Power-to-X is to gradually replace fossil fuels. The key sectors of energy, transport and heat can thus be linked together, which is a key prerequisite for the successful transformation of the energy system. The roadmap shows that Power-to-X technologies can make a significant contribution to sector coupling. Which of the possible options for use are sensible and sustainable will be further researched.

2. Roadmap des Kopernikus-Projektes "Power-to-X"