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Reactor Safety

Being an integral part of national provident research, the reactor safety research program tackles the scientific challenges for the safety of nuclear reactors in the key areas of design base (DBA) and beyond design base accidents (BDBA). The advancement and validation of relevant simulation codes includes substantial experimental investigations with regard to accident phenomena inside the containment as the last barrier against contamination of the environment. At IEK-6, focus is set on phenomena related to the reduction of hydrogen combustion loads and the radiological source term. Specific scientific objectives are to continuously develop and improve the safety analysis tools to allow for a state-of-the-art safety assessment of NPPs and to extend the understanding of processes relevant to design basis as well as beyond design basis accidents. The latter includes specifically aspects derived from the Fukushima accident encompassing systems and measures being improved and implemented as a consequence of this accident.

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Director Reactor Safety

Dr. Ernst-Arndt Reinecke (acting)


Sibylle Lauterbach

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