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Nuclear Disarmament Verification (NuDiVe) Exercise

23-27 September 2019, Jülich, Germany

The Nuclear Disarmament Verification (NuDiVe) exercise organised by Germany (Foreign Office, Universität Hamburg, Forschungszentrum Jülich) and France (Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Armed Forces) tested, under many realistic conditions, a key step in an inspection process for multilateral verification of the dismantlement of a nuclear explosive device (NED).

NuDiVe aimed at evaluating ways (procedures) and means (technologies) to provide sufficient confidence in the absence of nuclear material diversion during a nuclear warhead dismantlement operation. An “inspection team" of experts from seven countries applied verification measures immediately prior to and following a notional dismantlement of a NED to gain assurance of the non-diversion of fissile material. A “host team", representing the fictional inspected state of “Urania”, used managed access arrangements designed to prevent any disclosure of information that could pose a risk for proliferation of nuclear weapons or other sensitive information. Procedures followed in the exercise were prepared by the exercise organisers, building on inspection concepts and approaches developed by the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV).  An independent evaluation team observed the exercise. 

Testing inspection procedures for multilateral verification of nuclear dismantlement

Jülich, 23-27 September 2019

Some findings

NuDiVe was the first nuclear disarmament verification exercise that was not limited to the organizers from France and Germany, but included 22 participants from 11 countries. NuDiVe has shown that multilateral nuclear disarmament verification is possible with the involvement of nuclear weapon states and non-nuclear weapon states.

NuDiVe has documented the successful Franco-German cooperation and the huge commitment of IPNDV partners in the field of nuclear disarmament verification. NuDiVe has demonstrated that the inspection approaches and potential inspection technologies as developed by IPNDV, i.e. a combination of managed access procedures, chain-of-custody measures and absence measurements, can be applied successfully immediately prior to and following the dismantlement of a nuclear warhead to gain assurance of the non-diversion of fissile material. NuDiVe has also documented that the inspection approaches are very time-consuming and should therefore be further optimized for the dismantling of a larger number of nuclear warheads.

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Nuclear Disarmament Verification (NuDiVe) Exercise


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