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p-HW Chamber

The p-HW chamber is a computer-controlled hot-wire deposition system. It can be used for the development of stoichiometric microcrystalline silicon carbide (µc-SiC:H) thin films at low substrate temperature, which is a promising window layer for silicon thin film solar cells. The material is grown from monomethylsilane (MMS) – hydrogen mixtures. The system consists of a reaction chamber and a load-lock.
The filament material, number and shape, can be varied. The distance between filament and substrate allows for an in-situ variation. The temperatures of filament and substrate are measured by optical pyrometers.
An additional thermal-bath system for metal-organic precursors is used for doping to get p-type µc-SiC:H materials. By controlling the flow rate of the carrier gas, the temperature and vapour pressure of the doping source, such as trimethylaluminum (TMAl), the doping ratio in the reaction chamber can be adjusted.


  • Stoichiometric µc-SiC:H thin films, both n-type and p-type
  • µc-Si:H thin films

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