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Solar Cell and Module Characterization

The activities of the group comprise the electrical and optical characterization of Solar Cells and Modules (performance tests, spectral response measurements), light soaking experiments as well as macroscopic defect analysis, using thermography and electroluminescence (EL).
The technical equipment of the characterization group includes steady state sun simulator systems for the characterization of solar cells and modules with an active area up to 12.5 x 12.5 cm2, and flasher sun simulator systems for testing large area modules (up to 1.4 m2). For the determination of the spectral response (EQE) of a solar cell we use either a grating monochromator setup or interference filters. Defect (shunt) analysis of solar modules can be performed with both Lock-In-Thermography (DLIT, ILIT) and EL imaging on substrates up to 40 x 40 cm2.
For many years the group serves as a sought-after cooperation partner for research insitutes and industry in the field of various measurement and automatization techniques. We transfer our technical expertise to many associates in research and industry. This includes everything from application programming and data acquisition to the development of opto-electronic measurement systems. In addition to the supply of services we transfer self developed measurement systems to partners in research institutes, universities and companies. The most demanded measurement tools are temperature stabilized sample holders for sun simulator devices and the homogeneity measurement system to measure the intensity distribution within the sun simulator measurement area (according to the IEC-standard).

Messung der Beleuchtungshomogenität