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School Internships

Apart from classes for university students, IEK-3 offers training for school students from classes 9 to 12 in order to accommodate the increasing interest in a sustainable energy supply on the part of school students.

During one- to two-week internships, interested school students are introduced to the world of hydrogen and fuel cells. This gives them deeper insight into the production and storage of hydrogen and into the function and application of fuel cells for clean and efficient provision of electricity.


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Career Exploration Internship

Twice a year, before the Easter and the fall school holidays, IEK-3 offers a two-week career exploration internship. The internship kicks off with a general introduction to the topic of "Hydrogen and Fuel Cells" and follows with safety instructions for the students. Afterward, groups of no more than four students are familiarized with the various lab activities performed by IEK-3. Institute staff members who are experts in their disciplines present details about the motivation, function and goals of the lab experiments as well as about how to evaluate and use results. The lab activities offered during the internship convey insights into the range of jobs performed at an interdisciplinary research institute and its typical career paths, including skilled workers and lab technicians, technicians and engineers, as well as scientists. -> further information (German only)

-> Jülich JuLab Schools Laboratory

JuLab runs the interdisciplinary "Fuel Cell" project week during a one-week career exploration internship. The research and development object is a model vehicle with fuel cell propulsion. The vehicle allows the small groups of school students from grades 9 to 12 to conduct experiments independently under supervision and aims to provide training for developing scientific approaches. During the project week, the students record and present the processes and results of the experiments they conduct. Depending on the nature of the work, the practical tasks are performed in the Schools Laboratory, in the workshops of the Vocational Training Centre or in the labs of IEK-3. This gives the participants the opportunity to find out about different careers. -> "Fuel Cell Career Exploration Internship" (German only)

Offer for school students enrolled in grades 11–13: Experimental Day "Fuel Cells – An Energy Concept for the Future?" (German only)