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Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK)

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IEK-2 develops and characterises high-performance materials and composites for central and local energy conversion and storage systems.

Specimen in themomechanical fatigue test

fuel cell

Fire of the sun

The research activities of IEK-2 are concentrated on the development and characterization of high temperature materials advanced gas and steam powerplants, solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and for plasma facing materials for future fusion devices.

The scientific competences of the institute are focussed on the investigation of physical- mechanical properties of high temperature structural metallic materials, structural ceramics and metallic and ceramic coating systems. Compound materials consisting of high strength materials combined with ceramic or metallic top layers are considered to be used for plasma facing components. This requires new approaches for materials testing and investigation especially in the area of materials characterization and analysis including transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

These methods are important to investigate the high temperature corrosion behaviour of high temperature components in aggressive environments and deposits and to develop new coating systems with improved environmental resistance and mechanical as well as chemical compatibility.

The methods of Knudsen effusion and high pressure mass spectrometry available allow the determination thermochemical properties of materials and corrosive deposits.