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Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK)

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Materials development for efficient energy conversion

Furnace for thermocyclic testing

Thermal and thermo-mechanical loads

The possible efficiency of modern energy conversion systems such as gas- and steam-turbine power plants or high temperature fuel cells is to a large extent determined by the process temperature. The experimental analysis and the simulation of the behaviour of application relevant materials and coating systems exposed to such loading conditions are the prerequisite for further increase in efficiency.

Materials Mechanics

Thermal cycling of TBC

Corrosive gases and films

In combustion engines oxidative and corrosive atmospheres lead to material damage and failure.

High Temperature Corrosion and Corrosion Protection

Particle erosion of a tungsten coated CFC substrate under transient thermal loads

Materials under extreme thermal loads

In future fusion devices high temperatures occur during transient and steady state heat loads (> 2000 °C). Special testing facilities allow the investigation of the materials under these conditions.

High-Temperature Composite Materials

Knudsen Cell

Constitution research and modeling

Materials change their texture, structure and subsequently their properties at high temperatures. The main focus of the research activities is on the prediction of structural properties after long term usage.

Thermochemistry of Energy Materials



Materials analysis

Metallography, X-ray diffraction as well as scanning and transmission electron microscopy allow the investigation of structure and structural changes from centimeter to picometer length scale.

Analytical Electron Microscopy

Micro- / Nanodiagnostics

Finite Element Method

Life time modeling

Modeling and simulation methods enable the development of life time models, which are essential for the component design.

Materials Mechanics

Helmholtz Association

Cooperation in the frame of the Helmholtz program takes place within the program for efficient energy conversion and usage (REUN), particularly in the topics power plant engineering and fuel cells as well as the program fusion (topic: ITER).