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Scope of work

With in-depth basic and application oriented research on correlations between microstructure and mechanical properties of metallic and ceramic materials, the section „Materials Mechanics“ of IEK-2 considerably contributes to materials development and improvement for flexible, high-efficiency energy conversion processes. The actual research work focuses on steels for power plant and fuel cell applications, Ni-superalloys, structural ceramics, mixed ion-electron conducting functional ceramics, thermal barrier coating systems for gas turbines, and reactive-brazed metal-ceramics compounds. Numerous projects involving partners from industry assure the direct transfer of the scientific results into application. More: Scope of work …



Deformation-, damage- and failure behavior of metallic structural materials and thermal barrier coatings applied in power plants and soli oxide fuel cell systems under isothermal and thermo-mechanical fatigue loadings. More: Fatigue …

Creep, Stress Rupture and Stress Relaxation

Deformation and failure behavior of metallic (coated) materials operating in the creep regime in atmospheres of practical relevance (air, steam and combustion atmospheres). More: Creep, Stress Rupture and Stress Relaxation …

Ceramic Materials

Damage, failure and deformation behavior of structural and functional ceramic materials and coatings for power plant, solid oxide fuel cell and refractory applications. More: Ceramic Materials …


In the laboratories of IEK-2’s materials mechanics section numerous testing machines and advanced methods for mechanical and thermo-mechanical characterization of ceramic and metallic materials as well as of compound materials and ceramic thermal barrier coatings are available. More: Laboratory …