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Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK)

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The division Thermochemistry deals with fundamental and applied oriented research in the field of high temperature chemistry.

Our main topics are:

  • Thermo-chemical and thermo-physical properties of gaseous and condensed
    phases (phase equilibria, thermodynamic data, viscosity, surface tension)
  • High temperature applications (advanced energy conversion processes,
    biomass utilisation, energy storage)
  • Vaporization, release, gas phase chemistry
  • Corrosion, slagging and fouling, poisoning
  • Chemical hot gas cleaning
  • Thermodynamic modelling

Additional Information

leeres Bild

leeres Bild

 K n u d s e n   C e l l

leeres Bild

Knudsen cell 

Cell at 1000°C, "Live"-view through the pyrometer window