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Transpiration Method

The transpiration method can be used to study the evaporation behaviour of materials across a wide temperature range in different atmospheres. In a system with known vapour species, the sum of all partial vapour pressures can be determined with this method.

The transpiration method involves conducting a carrier gas across a sample. The species evaporating from the sample are entrained with the gas and then condense. The condensed amount of the substances entrained can then be analysed quantitatively by means of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.

Transpiration MethodTranspiration Method

• Temperature range: 50 - 1200 °C
• Flowrate: 20-1500 ml/min at room temperature
• Range of concentration: ppb
• 4 tubes per furnace
• Absolute humidity: 0-20 % (standard 1,9 %)

Transpiration MethodTranspiration Method