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High-Temperature Dilatometry

By means of high-temperature dilatometry, thermal expansion behaviour and sintering behaviour can be studied across a wide temperature range and in different gas atmospheres.
The change in length of a sample is measured as a function of temperature, time, and gas composition. The measured change in length allows conclusions to be drawn about the thermal expansion coefficient as well as sintering characteristics (e.g. sintering temperature and dwell times).

Dilatometer sample holderDilatometer sample holder

• Atmosphere: Ar, Ar / 4 vol% H2, N2, O2, air
• Temperature range: 20 °C to 1600 °C
• Max. sample dimensions: H = 20mm, d = 10mm
• Messbereich: ± 200 µm / ± 2000 µm
• Auflösung: 0,2 nm
• Measuring range: ± 200 µm / ± 2000 µm
• Resolution: 0,2 nm

Hightemperature dilatometerHightemperature dilatometer