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Thermogravimetry (TG) is one of the commonest methods for conducting thermodynamic analyses. This method is used most frequently to determine (thermal) stability, ageing effects and the reactivity of the components as well as demixing effects. This method measures changes in sample mass as a function of temperature or time. Physical or chemical changes in the material that are accompanied by a change in mass can thus be studied. TG measurements can be used to study the thermal stability of materials, reaction paths, as well as the kinetics of reactions.


• Atmosphere: Ar, Ar / 4 vol% H2, N2, O2, air
• Temperature range: 20 °C to 1600°C
• Measuring range: ± 200 mg / ± 2000 mg
• Resolution: 0.03 µg (measuring range: ± 200 mg)
• Resolution: 0.30 µg (measuring range: ± 2000 mg)

Sample holder for the symmetric thermobalanceSample holder for the symmetric thermobalance