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Experimental Facilities

Experimental Facilities
  • Isothermal oxidation kinetics of Cr steels.
  • Ni-base alloys, high temperature coatings.
  • intermetallics.
Thermal Cycling
  • Oxide scale adherence on superalloys.
  • Coatings; thermal barrier coatings.
Resistance Heated Thermal Cycling
  • Rapid thermal cyclic testing of heating element strips.
Mixed gas enviroments
  • Analysis of corrosion damage.
  • service life prediction.
  • analysis of gas/metal reactions by mass spectrometry.
Tracer StudiesTracer Studies
  • Growth mechanisms
    Cr2O3 andAl2O3-scales using 18O2- und 15N2-tracer.
Oxide conductivity
  • In-situ measurement of high temperature conductivity
    in surface scales and metal/ceramic composites.
Creep/Corrosion interaction
  • Creep behaviour of Cr steels in high temperature steam.
Magnetron Sputtering
  • PVD - coatings.
  • Manufacturing of high-temperature oxidation resistant coatings.