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Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK)

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Data management

Measured data are collected in a data base system
It was developed by the corrosion group of the Institute for Materials and Processes in Energy Systems and
the Materials Data Management Sector of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission in Petten/NL.


The data management system
called COR-DB is a client/server version
  • Server:
    Unix Workstation with relational data management system Oracle
  • Client:
    PC with Windows 95/98 system and a user interface.
Facilities of the user interface
  • Filter the data (for data reduction)
  • Data entry
  • Data retrieval
  • Evaluation
Contents of the data base
  • Source and project information
  • Material description
  • Pre-test treatment
  • Specimen description
  • Test conditions
  • Test results