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Functional Layers (FSS)

The department’s scientific core competences are in line with the requirements of electrochemical converters with polymer electrolyte membranes (PEMs). They are centred on the fields of modeling and simulation, physico-chemical analytics, electrochemistry, physics, and manufacturing technology. This means that the department is capable of designing, manufacturing, testing, and characterizing functional layer systems for membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs). In order to better understand the complex functional relations, the operating behavior of MEAs in cells and stacks is modeled and simulated. In addition, the relevant MEA structures are analyzed and characterized in detail to clarify their impact on the operating behavior of the electrochemical cell.

Research Priorities

MEA Manufacturing Technology

MEA manufacturing technology

• Process development and scaling
• Dispersion manufacturing
• Coating and drying
• Assembly and joining
• Rheology and tensiometry
• Roughness and surface energy analysis


Modellierung und Simulation

Modelling and Simulation

• Open source cell and stack simulations using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

• Simulation of mass transport in porous materials using lattice Boltzmann methods

• Modeling for electrode systems


Team Functional Layer Systems

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