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Physical Chemistry I - Quantum Mechanics

Dr. Carsten Korte holds a chair at the RWTH Aachen University in the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences / Department of Chemistry for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry

 Dr. Carsten Korte

The course, Physical Chemistry I, from the module Physical Chemistry B, is studied in the third semester. In the course (2 SWS) and corresponding exercise, knowledge in the areas of “structure of matter” and “spectroscopy” are taught. Students acquire basic knowledge of quantum mechanics and learn about the spectroscopic methods of chemistry, as well as the atomic structure and various forms of chemical bonding. For the lecture and seminar in the winter semester, i.d.R., nearly 30 students registered.

WS: V2 (2 SWS) PD Dr. Carsten Korte
Ü1 (1 SWS) Junior-Prof. Dr. Florian Hausen (IEK-9)

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