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Design fester Ionenleiter

Design of Solid Ionic Conductors

Solid state batteries are forecasted a great future technology in energy storage for mobile and stationary applications.

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The Department of Electrolytes is dedicated to the development and optimization of relevant electrolytes for energy storage, especially polymer electrolytes and liquid electrolytes.

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Feste Ionenleiter

Solid Ionic Conductors

A solid electrolyte is a solid material in which at least one type of ion is movable enough for the flow of electricity.

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Interfaces and Interphases

The character and formation of phases at the interfaces of electrode and electrolyte influence the performance and lifespan of a battery.

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Hybrid Electrolytes

Hybrid elektrolytes consist of different electrolyte classes and can thereby achieve higher energy densities.

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The interdisciplinary group for methodology explores concepts and analytical approaches for the comprehensive characterization and further development of materials in the field of electrolyte research.

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Molecular Modelling

In cooperation with the WWU group of Physical Chemistry Dr. Diddo Diddens involves molecular modelling of ion transport and electron transfer processes in energy materials in his habilitation project.

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Redox Flow

Redox Flow

The Redox Flow Cell - also known als liquid battery - is a certain embodiment of an accumulator.

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The methods of the theory group comprise classical molecular dynamics simulations, quantum chemical calculations, ab initio MD simulations, as well as Monte Carlo approaches.

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Business Chemistry and Energy Storage

Strategic perspectives on battery research

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Zellsysteme und -alterung

Cell Systems and Aging

The researchers deal with battery aging by means of electrochemical, chemical and optical methods.

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