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FAIR together – Launching the Collaboration between the NFDI DataPLANT and the HMC Hub Information at IBG-4 & IAS-9

The mission of the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) platform and the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) is to improve the findability (Findable), accessibility (Accessible), machine readability (Interoperable), and reusability (Re-usable) of research data across domains, with respect to the FAIR Principles. The HMC Hubs Information and the NFDI Consortium DataPLANT (NFDI4Plants) now start a direct collaboration at the Jülich Research Center!


The European Project BreedingValue Officially Launched

BreedingValue aims on breeding of new resilient and value-adding berries. As one of 20 partners from eight different countries IBG-4 is researching in the EU-funded BreedingValue project to improve strawberry, blueberry and raspberry varieties. On January 20th and 21st, the project partners met for a virtual kick-off meeting to get the project started officially.


NGS-CN Summer School 2021

Training for Bioinformatics Students: IBG-4 Supports NGS-CN Summer School

From 13th to 15th September 2021, IBG-4 staff helped teaching graduate students from different European universities at the summer school “Understanding Next Generation Sequencing from molecule to output data”. This summer school was organized by the Next Generation Sequencing Competence Network (NGS-CN) and hosted by the West German Genome Center (WGGC). It was held at Schloss Mickeln, which is the guesthouse of HHU Düsseldorf University. Over the course of three days ten students learned about Next Generation Sequencing from molecule to output data, including an Oxford Nanopore live sequencing demonstration given by Max Schmidt and a workshop in analysing complex long read metagenomic sequencing data by Prof. Björn Usadel.

PlaBi-PD False Flax

Camelina sativa genome data added to the plaBi-PD database

2021 Mar 08: Genome data of the traditional oilseed False flax were added to the plaBi database. Beside Camelina sativa, the plaBi database focuses on seven other crop plants and the reference model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. The online available web interface shows the protein sequence (including conserved domains), the cDNA and the genomic sequence (including predicted exon/intron positions) for all protein encoding genes. In addition, protein sequences are grouped into protein families and functionally annotated by the Mapman4 framework.


IBG-4 is involved in national and international third-party funded projects. Here you find an overview of our projects.


We are looking for excellent graduates for the HDS-LEE graduate school

The objective of HDS-LEE is to educate, train and support talented scientists during their doctoral thesis. IBG-4 is member of the HDS-LEE program and offers a position for excellent graduates. If you want to apply, please contact us.

Research at IBG-4

Bioinformatics for high-dimensional data and processes in life sciences and bioeconomy.