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Methods and Technologies at the
Jülich Plant Phenotyping Centre


The stationary NMR systems for measurements of plant structure and function


The 7 Tesla system

  • Wide-bore 89 mm magnet, equipped with a 300 mT/m mini-gradient system from Bruker.
  • used for objects with a diameter less than 34 mm (pot size). Simple climatisation system is available.




The 4.7 Tesla system


Wide-bore, 310 mm magnet, equipped with a 300 mT/m 210 mm wide gradient system. Different r.f. coils available.

  • 63 mm quad birdcage
  • 104 mm quad birdcage
  • 170 mm quad birdcage
  • 40 mm openable birdcage
  • small r.f. coils manufactured locally
  • Heavy objects up to 500 kg can be lifted into the magnet using a crane. Objects up to 200 kg can be positioned with a computer-controlled positioning system for repetitive studies with an accuracy of about 20 µm.
  • environmental control systems complete the system.

 1.5 T MRI am IBG-2: Pflanzenwissenschaften

The 1.5 Tesla system

The split coil magnet is unique in its kind. It is equiped with 50 mT/m 380 mm and 800 mT/m 120 mm planar gradient sets. Different r.f. coils are available

  • 63 mm solenoid
  • 140 mm solenoid
  • several home-build splittable/wrappable solenoids
  • Heavy objects, like trees with large pots/containers can be lowered into a pit a 2 meters deep. Objects up to 5 meter can be measured.

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