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Screen House – Plant Crane

SCREEN HouseScreen House

The phenotyping system “Screen-House” is used for screening of the shoot structure and function of different mono- and dicotyledonous plant species (e.g. canola, maize, tomato, cereals) under different environmental scenarios in a greenhouse. The major focus is the investigation and screening for genotypes with efficient use of resources such as water and nutrients.

The “Screen-House” is equipped with a robot which can transport any plant within the greenhouse to the imaging station for automated image analysis. The imaging is routinely performed with three cameras which can be located at different positions to efficiently assess the plant structural properties. Additionally the “Screen-House” has a balance for automated monitoring of the water and nutrient status of the plants. Thus, the "Screen House" enables continuous and non-invasive analysis of shoot properties over a period of several weeks. Additional physiological measurements such as assessment of photosynthesis or pigment content can be performed providing additional useful information about the status of the plants.

Important Parameters:

  • Plants are cultivated under greenhouse conditions.
  • A laser positioning systems enables a robot to reach any plant in the greenhouse and transport it to the imaging station.
  • All work steps can be flexibly programmed and performed automatically
  • Continuous monitoring of plant water status and the environmental conditions
  • The maximum capacity is 600 pots.

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