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Grow Leaf Length

Gathering of data:

Attachment of thread on tip of a young growing leaf, thread over a wheel connected to rotary potentiometer and fixed with a weight.
Recording of changes in voltage via rotary potentiometer.

Bild Grow Leaf Length eins

Bild Grow Leaf Length einTopf


Calculation of leaf length growth via recorded voltage changes.

Leaf length growth of Arabidopsis thalianan in continuous light, plants transferred from 12h day-night regime to constant light in constant temperature.Grey box indicated darkness for 12h before change to constant light.

Bild GLL Graphic

Example for results from Poire et al., 2010 Journal of Experimental Botany, Page 1 of 9 doi:10.1093/jxb/erq049


Publications to this method:

Poiré, R. ; Wiese-Klinkenberg, A. ; Parent, B. ; Mielewczik, M. ; Schurr, U. ; Tardieu, F. ; Walter, A.
Diel time-courses of leaf growth in monocot and dicot species: endogenous rhythms and temperature effects
The journal of experimental botany 61, 1751 - 1759 (2010) [10.1093/jxb/erq049]

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