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Research Areas at the IBG-2

Jülich Plant Phenotyping Centre- JPPC

Jülich Plant Phenotyping Centre

the Phentotyping-Platform of the IBG-2: Plant Sciences

Ecosystem Dynamics

Ecosystem Dynamics

Growth and Metabolism

Growth and Metabolism

Cell Walls &Bioinformatics

Cell Walls & Bioinformatics

Transport Dynamics


Enabling Technologies

Enabling Technologies

Plant mediated exchange processes

Resource use efficiency in ecosystems

Remote sensing and biodiversity

Leaf and root growth dynamics

Primary and secondary metabolism

Photosynthesis and photoprotection

Network reconstruction, network learning and biological pathways

Identifying Cell Wall Biosynthesis genes using a simple model

Identifying beneficial cell wall traits in natural populations
Databases, Ontology and Tool Development

Xylem and phloem transport and their interaction

Long-distance, tissue and membrane transport

Water, carbon, gas and nutrient transport

New technologies for plant research

Development of noninvasive methods for plant phenotyping