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Publications (Journals) of Diana Reinecke-Levi

Publications (Journals) of Diana Reinecke-Levi Contribution to a conference proceedings/Contribution to a book
Autolysin extraction for improved protoplast preparation in the commercial microalga Haematococcus pluvialis (Chlorophyceae)
Proceedings of the 21st EU biomass conference and exhibition
21st EU BC&E, CopenhagenCopenhagen, Denmark, 3 Jun 2013 - 7 Jun 20132013-06-032013-06-07
001-002 () BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS Journal Article
Seasonal variation in antifungal, antibacterial and acetylcholinesterase activity in seven South African seaweeds
Journal of applied phycology 19(3), 271 - 276 () [10.1007/s10811-006-9134-7]  Download fulltext Files BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS