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Field-Prophet (Field Plant Root Phenotyping) is a phenotyping platform to measure root traits to support crop production through trait and gene discovery. The platform consists out of imaging station for temperate and tropical cereals and storage root forming crops such as barley, wheat, maize and cassava, and software to extract root traits semi-automatically from images or videos.

The Field-Prophet is made of battery operated and transportable field station or stationary imaging station depending on the properties and size of the root system of interest. These stations support the affordable invasive high-throughput root phenotyping, and subsequently, allowing breeding and research in experimental field environments through measuring routinely root parameters e.g. root system width, root angles in different depths, and root diameter.

Important parameters
Field grown plants are phenotyped. Battery operated LED lighting and consumer cameras allow for the flexible use of the platform in field environments. The throughput of the pipeline depends on soil properties and crop and rages between 600 - 1250 plants / 5 days.