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Quantitative 3-d characterization of wind driven wheat ear movement under field conditions via stereo videogrammetry

Luka Olbertz

Ears in cereals are greatly affected by natural wind causing movements and oscillations within the canopy. These passive pendula movements are influenced by different structural properties of the corn stalk, which are the stalk length, the allocation of weight along the stalk, the tissue stiffness and the target area for wind. Accordingly, these dynamic properties are species and cultivar-specific. They are also influenced by different physiological factors like drought stress and maturity and they determine the lodging resistance.

The aim of this work is the development of a non-invasive screening method consisting of a manual positioning system, a stereo video camera setup and suitable analysis tools to quantify the ear movement in wheat under natural and controlled conditions. We apply this method on different cultivars, which are analyzed with respect to the ear movement and deducible traits like natural frequency and deflection properties.