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Access to JUQUEEN and to WLAN at JSC

The hands-on sessions will take place in our computer labs and we encourage everyone to make use of the provided workstations. The benefit will be a more stable connection and better usability of the graphical tools we provide on JUQUEEN.

The workstations in our labs do require a separate user account and you will have received details of this account before you come to Juelich. This account will only be valid for the time of the workshop and will be deleted afterwards.

Since you will be using your project's compute time resources on JUQUEEN, please make sure that logging in to our HPC systems with your project account is possible. As you know, this requires ssh-key authentication.

You have two possibilities to achieve this:

  1. You will have received the public key of your personal computer lab account via email. You should make this key known to JUQUEEN. In order to enable log-ins with this key, copy it to your $HOME on JUQUEEN and execute the following command:
    cat ${HOME}/ >> ${HOME}/.ssh/authorized_keys
    (Or an appropriate line if you changed the path or filename.)
  2. As an alternative, at the expense of spreading your private data:
    Copy the private ssh-key you already use and that matches the public key on JUQUEEN to the computer lab account. This can be done during the workshop provided you have access to your private key (e.g. via scp or on a USB key).

Wireless access at JSC

If you wish to connect to our wireless network during the workshop you have two options: either you use EDUROAM or your laptop will have to be registered at JSC first. In the latter case please email us the hardware address (MAC) of your wireless network card (e.g. 01:23:45:67:89:ab). Alternatively, access can also be granted once you are here.