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Virtual Reality

In many scientific areas a huge amount of data is generated, e.g. by complex simulations, performed on supercomputers, or by high resolution measurement instruments used in experimental studies. Scientific visualization is a powerful tool to analyze these data. It is essential for the registration and investigation of the simulation results and helps to understand complex spatial and temporal relationships and to find hidden information and structures. Furthermore scientific visualization can be the source for meaningful presentations of significant results, e. g. used for publications or for bridging the gap between scientists of different disciplines or non-scientists.
Whenever the amount of data is very high or the data has a complex 3D-structure, it is of advantage to use special high-end 3D visualisation systems, so called virtual reality (vr) systems. These projection based visualisation systems provide sterescopic image generation and, by means of so called tracking devices, real 3D user interaction.
For the analysis and presentation of data, currently 3 stereo projection facilities are installed at JSC.