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Accessing the Licence Servers

SoftwareAdvisorLicence ServerPort No.
ANSYSB.Koerfgenlicsrv11, licsrv12, licsrv131701
MapleO.Bückerlicsrv11, licsrv12, licsrv131704
MatlabM.Vaeßenlicsrv11, licsrv12, licsrv131700
Intel CompilerG.Egerer, A.Visserlicsrv11, licsrv12, licsrv131702
NAG CompilerG.Egerer, A.Visserlicsrv11(*)
PGI CompilerG.Egerer, A.Visserlicsrv11, licsrv12, licsrv131706
DDTG.Egerer, A.Visserlicsrv11(*)
TotalViewG.Egerer, A.Visserlicsrv11, licsrv12, licsrv131703

(*) FLEXlm licence management software NOT used

We are in progress to change the hardware of the licence servers.

The actual licence servers and port numbers assigned to the respective software products can be obtained from the above table.

Commercial software provided via the distribution server is pre-configured to access JSC's licence servers. After installation no further action is required by the administrator.
If applications are not installed from the software distribution server, the configuration must be done by hand.

Further information can be found on JSC's product specific web pages or get in touch with the contact person at JSC for the respective software.