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CPU Quota and Job Accounting on JUGENE

Quota Schema

Job accounting is done via a central database at JSC and the information about all jobs will be gathered once a day around midnight, based on information obtained from the LoadLeveler. Users get information about their current quota status or the usage of jobs by using the command: q_cpuquota <options>
See detailed description below.

User groups are granted in general a cpu quota on a monthly basis. Jobs run at a normal priority unless 3 monthly quotas (previous, current and next month's) are consumed. At the beginning of the month the following month's quota is added. Remaining quota from earlier months is no longer available, so "saving of cpu time" is not possible.

But project accounts will not show a cpu-quota balance below -101% at the begin of every month. This offers projects that have used the systems in times of low demand and have thereby strongly overdrawn their quota, the possibility to reach - in reasonable time - a state in which they can again submit jobs with regular priority. The waived quota will be listed in the monthly overview

Smaller quotas (e.g. <= 1 rack month) are granted as a fixed quota over the whole allowance period.
Users will be informed by mail, if they run out of cpu quota or if new quota is assigned.

Job Accounting

  • Users will be charged for wallclock time, i.e. for the time the physical cpus, respectively nodes, are occupied.
  • LoadLeveler jobs will be charged for the complete time they are in execution and for the number of nodes they have occupied or reserved, regardless if the mpirun within the job is actively processing or the job script is doing other things.
  • After exhausting the monthly or fixed quota, jobs may be still submitted with a reduced wallclock time and executed at a lower priority, when no other jobs are waiting. They will still be accounted for.

For detailed information, see: Technical Information TKI-0409

Querying Quota Information

To obtain information about the current quota status or the cpu usage of jobs from the central database, use:

q_cpuquota <options> shows values of granted and used cpu quota


usage information
-h jugene
for JUGENE only
-j <jobstepid>
for a single job
-t <time>
for all jobs in the specified time period
e.g. -t 01.09.2009-23.09.2009
-d <number>
for last number of days (positive integer)