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Data projects

We introduced a new kind of projects called data projects:

Via data projects users can get access to additional filesystems like $ARCHIVE. They are meant for exchanging data betweeen compute projects or to share community data.

Even if they are completely independent from any compute project they are meant for living data, data projects are not just a data repository.

Data projects can be applied via JARDS in a rolling call and will undergo a review process. The run-time for now is one year. Afterwards prolongation is possible.

Application for a data project

PIs of compute projects can apply for data resources independently of these compute projects. Please apply for a data project at our application server.

Information for the transition to the new model (December 2018)

All PIs of projects storing data in ARCH before the transition, got a data project automatically with the same runtime as their running compute project.

As the amount of data in $ARCH is of course quite huge we could not change the path to the data, that means this new created data projects got the name of the former compute project (also users shall not change this!).

The name of all compute projects changed, we put a "c" in front, e.g. hcp01 is now called chcp01. The name hcp01 refers the data project.