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JUST1 DS4800 Enclosures with FC-DisksCopyright: FZ Jülich

10TB nearline SAS diskCopyright: FZ Jülich

JUST1 DCS9550 Enclosure with SATA-DisksCopyright: FZ Jülich

JUST Storage EnclosureCopyright: FZ Jülich

JUST4 DS3512 with SAS-DisksCopyright: FZ Jülich


For today's research, access to data is as important as computational power. JSC operates a world-class storage infrastructure providing high-performance and high-capacity data services to clients inside and outside of the supercomputing facility.

The following table gives an overview about disk storage that is directly or indirectly used for High Performance Computing and Cluster Systems.

SystemGross Capacity PBType of Storage (Controller/Disk)ModeAccess / Content



1 x Lenovo DSS-G260

21 x Lenovo DSS-G240


TSM/HSM managed GPFS for HPC user data (archive).

GPFS for HPC user data.

more about GPFS file systems ...

JUST-DATA51.25 x DS6200 based building blockLenovo adaptive RAID

GPFS for HPC user data (large capacity, low bandwidth)

Exported to virtual machines (for community services)

JUSTCOM2.04 1 x Lenovo GSS-26GPFS Native RAIDGPFS based backend storage for cloud installationsfor
JUSTTSM2.04 1 x IBM ESS-26GPFS Native RAIDGPFS storage pool for Spectrum Protect (TSM) infrastructure
DEEP0.090SGI JBOD 2245RAID6Fraunhofer Parallel Filesystem (BeeGFS)
User data
dCache0.5285 x EUROstor ES-6600RAID6


User data

iRODS0.0721 x EUROstor ES-6600RAID6EUDAT
User data