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TSM Client Download and Installation for Data Backup

The TSM client software for data archive and data backup is the same and needs to be installed only once for both functions. Access to data backup service (ITS, see FZJ-Intranet) and data archive service (JSC) is managed by different configuration entries and calls of the TSM client software.

TSM clients are available for the following platforms

  • AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Mac, Netware, OS400, Solaris, SGI, Tru64UNIX, Windows

and can be downloaded in different releases or patch levels from the following FTP server

or a mirror at the

The TSM client must then be installed by the platform specific installation tools as described in the corresponding README files. Please read these files carefully for any hardware and software prerequisites and known problems.

The German language package is an addon and must be installed after the TSM client. Other language packages are available at the FTP server sites (see above).

Customization information e.g. the TSM server address and port number have to be set in the TSM client options file for Unix (dsm.sys) or Windows (dsm.opt resp. dsm.arc) and can be found in the Email that confirms the registration.

For Unix systems additional FZJ written TSM tools can be installed via zamsoft. The tsm.fzj package includes the customized script adsmarch (archive functions) amongst others (adsmback, adsmsched.init).

Additional TSM client installation information for both Unix and Windows systems can be found in the FAQ (frequently asked questions).