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Operation of servers and workstations

Support of scientific computing through standardized, centrally administered Linux desktops organized as a workstation group (wsg). As a Linux distribution, openSuSE is used currently in version 12.3. We normally use standard PCs as workgroup clients supplemented by a few systems which - equipped with more resources - serve as compute nodes. The group currently consists of 135 clients. The workgroup servers provide the disk space for user data at disposal, offer optional software and take care of the user management, whose operating mainly through dispatch routines is done by the information center.

A second workgroup serves as a platform for 64 working places in 3 education-rooms, used for our MaTSE education, the master's program, FZJ-training courses and workshops for different communities.

We support a variety of servers for a wide range of services. Beyond file server and server for the user-management we provide installation server for the operation systems and optional software. Also we provide servers for the licence management of various software products used by standalone systems.

To make better use of hardware resources, while to improve the availability of the individual services we use VMware as virtualization solution. Two redundant VMware clusters in different security zones serve approximately 50 virtual servers.

Our tracking and monitoring software is working hand in hand to control the state of the hardware, the operating systems and the applications running on them. Also it informs responsible colleagues and alerts the system administrators on duty.

Contact: Thomas Plaga