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Design, development, and implementation of installation tasks for high-performance computing

Still today large-scale HPC-systems are most often custom build. As
demonstrated on the JuRoPA system the design-phase requires a deep
technical involvement of the operating site beyond coordination of the
multiple vendors. After the choice of the various building-blocks like
processor, interconnect, middleware or file-system this includes the
fabric layout of the high-performance interconnect, development of
tools and monitoring-software while commissioning the system and
constant improvements of controlling and maintenance tools during
normal operation. Additionally, continuous prototyping efforts are
required in order to prepare the next generation of machines to come
and to explore changes necessary for future machines including novel
developments on infrastructure requirements. As an example together
with Eurotech ( the application of high-temperature
cooling and its consequences for the infrastructure is investigated in
the context of the DEEP project (

Contact: Norbert Eicker