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The LOFAR and SKA project

Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) is an international project to build and operate an
interferometric array of radio telescopes without moving parts. The electric
signals from the distributed LOFAR antenna fields are digitised, transported to
a central processor, and software-controlled combined in order to map the sky.

The project is supported by a consortium of research institutes, universities,
and industrial parties, led by ASTRON in the Netherlands. 40 antenna fields in
the Netherlands, 5 German stations and further European stations have been

LOFAR stations comprise two arrays of 75m diameter which consist of many Low
Band Antenna operating between 10 and 90 MHz and High Band Antenna operating
between 110 and 250 MHz.

LOFAR low band antennasLOFAR low band antennas

LOFAR high band antennasLOFAR high band antennas

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